Section 64.1320(e) Statement

Nextg Communications, Inc. Payphone Service Providers (PSPs) Dispute Resolution Process

I. Introduction

Nextg Communications, Inc. will pay compensation directly to the PSP, or the representing agent of the PSP, for completed calls on a quarterly basis. For questions or concerns related to payphone compensation, please address to:

Nextg Communications, Inc.


6200 Savoy St. Suite # 270

Houston, TX 77036

Email address:

713) 952-5885

II. How to File Disputes

If you disagree with any of the payphone compensation quarterly calculations provided by Nextg, you must include the following information in your dispute:

  1. PSP payphone number (ANI) being disputed
  2. Date, time, toll free 800# and destination number called
  3. Claim quarter of dispute
  4. Any additional information that may help to resolve the dispute

Please provide your dispute information in Excel format/file. Along with the dispute information, please provide a contact name, number, and email address to where the response for the dispute should be addressed.

III. Dispute Response Time

Nextg will use all reasonable efforts to respond to your disputes as quickly as possible. However, please note that response time will vary based on the quantity of payphone number(s) being disputed.